During production level the physical realization begins with data and the list of materials given by the designer.

But there are popular machines of which structure does not change from order to order, therefore we can manufacture them serially.


We have partners with whom we have created the controls tested together for the machines. In these cases, we use well-developed techniques.

The advantage of this project that we can produce our new orders quickly and effectively.

Series production: its advantage is quickness. We store controls that can be delivered immediately for our partners. If the amount of the stored controls decreases under the minimum level, we will produce an adequate amount again.

That product is the grain butler, which is produced together with Kal-System Ltd.


Most of our work is produced on the basis of unique designs, therefore we can state that we can produce the proper control box, control, and distribution box for any solutions.

In these cases, every circumstance is needed to examine.

If we can help the construction on the spot by putting lifting elements on the control box in order to lift it on its place, it can be said about us that this company thinks about everything.

Because of this kind of feedback, it is worth to aim professionalism, and we do everything that we can for it.

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