We founded Mewocont Ltd. in 2013 but our experience in this field goes back to much earlier. We started work employed by Kal-System Ltd, therefore our knowledge originates from there. Since then we have had close connection with our subcontractors and partners.

Our main activities in the field of industrial electronics: designing, producing electric systems, industrial automation, and developing the software that is needed for it.
We continuously have challenges because of the development of the industrial sector and intensifying competition. Therefore, we have to work as high-qualified as we can.

Kalmár Balázs, Kalmár Norbert

Over the past years the projects realized by us have been working with the percentage of low mistakes, and therefore our system can assist the processes of production.



We could not have got to here without enthusiasm. Sometimes we have met cases that seem to be unsolvable but we can find the best possible solution with the help of our experience.


The product has to make money, work reliably and continuously, because we cannot cause the loss of our clients’ income. Our clients will be satisfied if they can use our machines simply and effectively.


Evers case is different, every client considers different factors important, therefore we have to create unique projects.


We do not finish work when we have fixed the last screw. We provide continuous support, guarantee and maintenance for our partners. Our long-term partnership provides the feeling of safety for the owners because there is any kind of problem, they can count on our help.

Industrial electronics develops in the quickest possible time in the world. Traditional solutions are outdated and not effective. They need human resources, competence of which lack causes great concern.

We have just got to know the accomplishment and advantages of the modern industrial revolution, namely, Industry 4.0, but it has been able to be seen that this revolution expects a new thought from the owners of companies and changes the current image of the industry and the market.

2019 is the renewal for us: we introduce new services gradually and we test new methods to make the quality provided by us be better. We hope that either former or new customers like our newness.

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Mewocont – the industrial solution.


Balázs Kalmár
electric engineer

Norbert Kalmár
technical and trading manager