Industrial automation

By using automated systems, every parameter can be adjusted precisely. There will be fewer mistakes, exact work, reducing costs, and developing efficiency.

This software, which has modular structure, improved by Mewocont itself, is quite developed to execute the programmed instructions without human intervention.

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Monitoring and journaling that cover everything in favour of tracing. You can manage everything with the help of CONTROL.

Process control systems

...for almost every area of industry.


Ipari elektronika tervezés


We can make the building project plan packages and technical feasibility of industrial management machines and buildings, even it is an agricultural task or automation of buildings.

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We are experienced in the process control systems of different technology plant and we develop our software and adjust them to the operator’s demand in order to the more efficient work. During our development, we have created our control software: CONTROL.

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Vezérlőszekrény gyártás


During implementation, we are connected with the customers to meet their demands.

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Automation - Essential advantages and disadvantages



High productivity

Although several companies employ hundreds of workers, even in three shifts in order to reach that the plant can run in the maximum hours, outages are impossible to avoid (maintenance, holidays, etc.). By using industrial automation, a plant can run 24 hours per day, through 365 days without remarkable breaks. Therefore the productivity of the plant can be developed significantly.

High quality

Human failure can be avoided by using automation. Moreover, it provides homogenous quality during production.


Modification or a new task does not necessarily accompany with re-teaching the workers. With the help of the programs provided by Mewocont we provide an effective environment.

Exact information

By using the software of Mewocont you can reach more exact data and you can handle them more easily. With the help of the programs provided by Mewocont we provide an effective environment.

Safety in the plant

By using the modernized machines, your workers are in safety.

Profit, decreasing plant costs

Profit is an important question at every investment. The new technologies applied in the industry are more efficient and environmentally friendlier. As a result of this, their profit can be realized in the foreseeable future.



Introducing automation is more expensive than traditional solutions, which is not a secret. But you probably know that at an investment you cannot count simply the costs but their profit. And automation is an investment that has a profit.

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